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Roofing and Social Distancing

Alliance Roofing Company is able to meet your repair and replacement needs while respecting social distancing guidelines. Everything in the roofing process can be done remotely without ever needing to enter your home. The process starts with a phone consultation where we can talk through your project and assess how we can help. Our team of professionals can then come take measurements and inspect your roof without coming in contact with you or your family. We are happy to drop off samples or we can send you information to view our shingle selection online. Proposals and contracts can be reviewed and signed virtually, or even mailed and returned. The installation process can be completed in one to two days without our roofing crew ever entering your home.


If you have a residential or commercial roofing project, rest assured that Alliance Roofing Company can work with you while also keeping your family safe. Contact us today with questions or for a free estimate.