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Parts of a Roof         Terminology



Types of Roofing Materials


Timberline Armor Shield Composition ShinglesArchitectural Composition Shingles

Pictured: Timberline Armor Shield Composition Shingle

  • Made with fiberglass to help hold the asphalt together and increase durability (AKA asphalt shingles)
  • Can be a long-lasting material if maintained properly
  • Affordable in comparison to other materials because of its easy installation
  • Lightweight, fire-resistant, typically energy-efficient, often low maintenance
  • “3-tab shingles” are a common type of bottom-tier composition shingles that are rarely used anymore – consider replacing this type of roof if on your home



Impact Resistant Architectural Composition Shingles

  • Asphalt shingle that is reinforced to absorb energy, allowing the roof to better withstand hail or debris
  • Uses a class ranking system: Class 1 through Class 4, (4 being highest)
  • Ideal for homes in locations with threat of heavy weather or hail


Standing Seem Metal RoofStanding Seam Metal Roof

  • Typically an extremely long lasting material if maintained properly
  • Lightweight, energy efficient, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, not prone to rotting, highly wind resistant
  • Can be expensive to install/repair, but is generally a longer lasting material
  • Made with striations to strengthen and reduce warping






Boral Stone Coated Steel Barrel-Vault Tile, Barcelona

Stone Coated Steel Roof

Pictured: Boral Barrel-Vault Tile, Barcelona

  • Similar to standing seem metal, but coated with minerals for increased protection and curb appeal
  • Requires minimal maintenance, lightweight, durable, colors blend well due to minerals, highly wind resistant 
  • Can be installed as a replacement for a composition roof
  • Can be expensive, but is a long lasting material when properly maintained






Clay Tile Roof ShinglesClay Tile Roof

  • Natural clay is baked at extremely high temperatures which helps reduce fading or peeling
  • Can only be used on a new construction home because the building frame must be designed to hold such a heavy material (about 700-800 pounds per square)
  • Energy Efficient, often long-lasting, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, highly wind resistant
  • Can be very expensive, but is a generally durable material






Boral Concrete Tile Roof, Barcelona Impact, Lexington BlendConcrete Tile Roof

Pictured: Boral Barcelona Impact, Lexington Blend

  • Similar to clay tile but slightly less durable
  • Can only be used on a new construction home because the building frame must be designed to hold such a heavy material (about 900-1,000 pounds per square)
  • Highly wind resistant






Types of Siding

Fiber Cement Hardie-Siding

Made with 90% cement, sand, and water mixture, and 10% cellulose fibers, installed from the bottom up in order to overlap and create a protective shell for your home. Hardie-Siding is termite, fire, and rot resistant, and offers 50+ year warranties.

               Other Fiber Cement Products:

  • Fascia: a board that runs along the lower edge of a roof, often installed on the edge of eaves that help hold up the last layer of shingles on a roof
  • Trim: the material used to encase windows and doors
  • Soffit: the horizontal pieces that cover the underside of the roof’s overhanging


James HardiePlank Lap Siding


Lap Siding

Most common style of siding



James HardieShingle Shake Siding


Shake Siding (shingle siding)

Often used as a decorative product to help accentuate an area, such as on a dormer



James Hardie Panel Siding


Panel Siding

Offered in smooth, wood grain, and stucco finishes




Window Styles


Ply Gem Single Hung WindowSingle Hung Window

The bottom window sash can be moved upward.

  • Most popular window
  • Energy efficient, simple mechanics
  • Limited ventilation, difficult to clean






Ply Gem Double Hung WindowDouble Hung Window

Both top and bottom sashes can be moved up or down.

  • Offers more ventilation, energy efficient, easier to clean
  • Can be more difficult to secure with multiple moving parts







Ply Gem Picture/Fixed WindowFixed Window (AKA Picture Window)

A windowpane that cannot be manipulated.

  • Often used as a skylight, transom, or high sitting window
  • Typically most energy efficient window
  • Offers no ventilation






Ply Gem Sliding WindowSliding Window

Two paneled window which opens by sliding one pane left or right.

  • Often used for classic and modern architecture
  • Low maintenance, energy efficient, durable
  • Difficult to clean from inside






Ply Gem Awning WindowAwning Window

A single panel that opens outward from the bottom.

  • Allows ventilation even during weather because the window acts as a rain shield when opened
  • Energy efficient
  • Difficult to clean from inside
  • A hopper window is a less popular style of awning window that opens from the top





Ply Gem Casement WindowCasement Window

Similar to an awning window but opens outward from the left or right rather than top or bottom.

  • Typically used in pairs with hinges opposite each other to allow larger opening
  • Excellent ventilation, low maintenance
  • Difficult to use with window screens, difficult to clean from inside






Ply Gem Garden WindowGarden Window

Four-sided, 3D window that extends outward and creates a small exhibit area.

  • Great for an indoor garden or herbs collection
  • Durable architecture
  • May effect exterior features






Things to consider when replacing your windows:

  • Do you value safety and durability?
    • Impact Resistant Windows are available in most all styles and offer more protection against hail or debris. This extra panel of laminated glass should be considered if you live in an area with the threat of heavy weather. Ask our specialists about the types of glass available.
  • What sizes does your selected window come in?
    • If the size you need is not available, ask if a customized window is available or if the opening can be modified to fit your choice of window.
  • Will these windows interfere with outside activity?
    • Single or double hung, fixed and sliding windows are better choices for walkways or patios because they do not open outward where they may intrude on outdoor space like awning, casement, or garden windows might.