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Regular roof maintenance, including inspections, repairs, and cleaning, is crucial as we enter the fall season. Scheduling a professional inspection with Alliance Roofing can help ensure your roof is ready for hurricane season and winter challenges.
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Your home windows are not something you should find yourself having to replace often, but when the time is right, it is critical to ensure you are ready. You want to know what to look for and be ready to replace your windows when necessary to help prevent any further issues from occurring within your home. Here at Alliance Roofing there are 5 signs to help you determine if you need new windows.
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Hurricanes can cause a wide variety of damage, from wind, hail, and potential water damage as a secondary effect. It is best to prepare your roof beforehand, as once the storm begins, there is not much left to do. At Alliance Roofing we have six simple steps you can take ahead of time to protect your roof.
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The change in seasons usually prompts us to spend extra time cleaning the inside of our home, fertilizing our yard, and mulching our flower beds. But it should also remind you to give some extra attention to your roof. Follow these 5 tips given by our GAF-certified roofers to make sure your roof is in perfect condition.
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In Houston, the calendar may be the only thing indicating that fall has arrived. The leaves aren’t turning yet, and any “cold fronts” that swing through only stay long enough to tease us. (Why are we still surprised by this every single year?) Regardless, fall is here! And this season can serve as a check-point for roof maintenance that helps prolong the life of your roof. Here are five things you can do this fall to protect your roof—and your home—for years to come.
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